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Santa Maria Valley Equestrian Center is a full-service boarding, training and riding family friendly facility. With over 35 years of horse experience Heather (Owner/Operator) with SMVEC understands your horses needs, from diet and health to their overall well-being. You can relax knowing your horse(s) is in good hands.  Santa Maria Valley Equestrian Center is the ideal place for you to enjoy your horse. Whether you are looking for your horse to be in the barn or out in a pasture we can accommodate every horse owners needs. Our boarding facility offers 12×12 Box Stalls, 12×24 Corner Barn Stalls in our barn, 50×50 Broodmare Pens and just in case one of those options doesn’t fit your needs we have one acre pastures available.Each Horse Boarding option is provided with shelter enclosure for your horse, fresh water, a feed bucket as well as rubber mates.


Our barn offers many amenities to our boarders. In the barn we offer 3 shared locked tack rooms, a wash rack, cross ties, tie up racks, ample space to walk or run your horse. With the ability to do a quick trail ride around the property, lunge your horse in the round pin or practice Flags in the arena Santa Maria Valley Equestrian Center has the ability to offer you just what you are needing. Coming soon a new Obstacle Course for you and your Horse to enjoy as well as a new larger arena.

  • Run In Stall 12×24 up to 16×30
  • Barn Box Stalls 12×24 with Run
  • Broodmare Pens 50×50 up to  30×70
  • Pastures 70×200
  • Horses are fed quality feed twice a day (Morning & Night)
  • Automatic waters providing Fresh Water in every stall
  • Supplements are given to individual horses as requested
  • Access to emergency veterinary care
  • Spring & Fall Veterinary clinic offering checkups, teeth floated, vaccines
  • Farriers Service with well known, established Farrier
  • Regular scheduled deworming program
  •  120×240’ Turn out
  • 120×240 arena
  • 60 foot round pen
  • Riding trail with open area to roam
  • Hot Walker
  • Wash rack
  • Covered Cross Ties
  • Tie Racks
  • 3 Locked Tack rooms