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Riding Lessons

Our lesson program at Santa Maria Valley Equestrian Center is designed to assist riders of all abilities and ages in reaching their horsemanship goals. Whether it is a child’s first lesson, an adults first time back in the saddle since childhood or an experienced rider preparing for their next event SMVEC focuses on a strong foundation for all riders.
We start by working one on one with the student. Showing them horse safety followed by how to properly care for their horse, grooming, brushing, picking their feet. We then show the students how to communicate and read their horse, knowing how to “read” your horse allows you the ability to pick up on health issues or potential riding issues. Students learn how to create a long lasting trusting relationship with their equine partner, at the same time having fun and creating lasting memories.
We require every rider to wear pants, a boots with a heal as well as a helmet. The rider is provided an ATSM/SEI Certified Riding Helmet. You may also provide your own Certified Riding Helmet, they can be purchased from our local Farm Supply or from an online horse tack store.

Riding is about......

Horse back riding draws people from many different walks of life. From young to old, from athletic individuals to individuals needing therapy. Just like people horses come in different shapes, sizes and personalities. We try to accommodate every rider and pair them with a horse that they trust as well as one that will help advance them in skill.




Connecting to something larger and more primitive than ourselves allows a sense of grounding and self understanding.

Wild, there is a sense of freedom, truth and balance in the wildness of horses.

Communication is being able to understand, read, and listen to our partners body language; while at the same time affectively communicating our needs.